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Selection of domestic water pipes

author:admin Release time:2020-02-11 10:57:35click:585
In fact, the style and material of domestic water pipes are constantly changing, but the size of this water pipe is within a fixed range. Therefore, in fact, there is no more appropriate specification of water pipe. After all, when installing water pipes, we usually survey the site. The appropriate size of water pipe is better. In fact, suitable for the actual situation of their own home water pipe is good, to consider the actual construction situation to choose the specification of water pipe.
Excellent water pipe can prolong the service life, so it is more important to choose good quality water pipe. PPR pipe is a common household water pipe at present. The great advantage of PPR pipe is that when the water pipe is hot-melt, the pipe and fittings are still connected together. The water pipe can be directly installed underground or inside the wall, which is convenient to use and has less risk.
In fact, more needs and the actual situation, consumers in the purchase time to judge according to their own actual situation, so that the effect of the installation will be more in line with the actual situation.