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Good water pipe inspection standard

author:hkphose123 Release time:2021-04-30 11:11:21click:453
At present, the demand of water pipe in the market is very large. Some illegal manufacturers will move their hands and feet in raw materials or processing technology for the sake of profiting. What is the good inspection standard for water pipes? The following manufacturers of air gun pipe, oil pipe and gas pipe suggest that you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing:
1. Good rubber tube size measurement: inner diameter, outer diameter, outer diameter of reinforcement layer, wall thickness, concentricity, inner and outer glue thickness, inner diameter of assembly parts, new national standard and ISO added length and measurement point mark, and the measurement method of rubber pipe length without pipe joint and various pipe joints was regulated.
2. Hydraulic test and verification pressure test: check whether the hose and assembly continue to leak, deform and damage for 30s-60s under the verification pressure. Pressure deformation test: keep for 1 minute under the regular pressure (working pressure verification pressure or other pressure lower than the verification pressure), measure the length and outer diameter of rubber pipe, and change the angle and twist.
3. Burst pressure test: measure the pressure of rubber tube when blasting under the normal pressure-up speed. Leakage test: keep it for 5min under 70% static pressure of small blasting pressure, repeat once, and check whether it is leaking or damaged. Because of the water used in the test, the bursting pressure and leakage pressure measured at room temperature may be slightly lower than that of the actual liquid.