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What should I pay attention to when selecting a hose?

author: Release time:2021-11-23 17:10:58click:298

In the process of industrial production, the connection of some equipment requires hoses. Therefore, with the development of industry, people's demand for this product is increasing, and the production of industrial hoses is gradually becoming formal and widely used. What basic elements do you need to pay attention to when choosing this kind of hose? Let's look at the details.

Basic elements to pay attention to when selecting industrial hose:

Firstly, in the actual use process, it is necessary to select the corresponding hose type according to the medium corrosivity, because the professional type can ensure effective corrosion resistance. This hose can be used in steam, gas, oil and other fields. It is mainly used for cable protection in production and processing, as well as insulation and waterproof, The bending performance of this product is very good, and the interior is very smooth.

Secondly, when selecting, we must pay attention to its diameter, the type and size of the joint, and the overall length of the hose; Know the actual working pressure of the product and the chemical properties of the transported medium, and determine the material type of industrial hose according to the corrosion performance table.

Special attention should also be paid to the working temperature and range of the medium in the hose, because if the ambient temperature during operation does not meet the standard with the hose model, it will not only damage the hose, but also cause dangerous accidents. Therefore, in case of high temperature, the allowable * * pressure under the working temperature must be determined according to the temperature correction coefficient, In this way, the correct pressure level can be selected.

When selecting, pay attention to the state of the hose during use. According to the correct installation method of the hose, ensure the length calculation under various motion states and * small bending radius, select the correct hose length for correct installation.

*After that, the selection of industrial hose should not only select the model and appropriate degree according to various basic elements and parameters, but also pay attention to the overall quality of hose and find professional manufacturers. Such manufacturers can not only provide professional equipment, but also provide effective services.

Although the industrial hose is very insignificant in the industrial development, the industrial operation is not as good as it. It belongs to the configuration parts of the equipment used in industrial production. Its existence can effectively connect the equipment and the media, so the quality and matching degree of the hose must be very appropriate when used